Landing Zone is a specialized acceleration service providing Austrian startups a permanent presence in the San Francisco Bay Area and the Silicon Valley, to promote and accelerate their business.

An initial visit to the Silicon Valley may be fruitful for you and your company but to maintain and develop the benefits of these connections, it is essential to remain present. Landing Zone offers the services and infrastructure that allow you to keep this presence while you’re back in Austria growing your company. We offer access to our network of experts in the Silicon Valley, that has been built over more than 20 years. 


All companies at Landing Zone benefit from an on-going presence with the following services:

Drawing (15)Virtual Office

Drawing (12)Street Address

Drawing (17)US phone number

DrawingTrusted Manager in 
Silicon Valley

We forge and maintain business opportunities, identify and coordinate local partners, and will keep track of relevant information, unavailable without a local presence.

Landing Zone offers several tiers of Acceleration Services as well as customized solutions.
For details on the full list of services in each package, take a look here.